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KOPECKY FAMILY BAND w/ Travelling Mercies
Friday, September 05, 2014 9:00 PM
Slowdown, Omaha, NE
  • Anyone under 18 years of age must have a notarized parental permission slip to attend a concert. Please see our website theslowdown.com for more info. EVERY PERSON THAT ENTERS SLOWDOWN MUST HAVE AN ID.
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  • Kopecky Family Band

    Kopecky Family Band

    “Family” is a word that encompasses a variety of definitions. With that in mind, let this introduction to Kopecky Family Band be taken with an open mind and with a grain of salt. This family is connected not by blood or by heritage, but by circumstance. This is a family bound by the miles on their odometer and by the songs they have crafted over the years. These six young musicians have created a family through their commitment to each other and to their craft. Crack open your dictionary, if you need to.
    The Kopecky Family Band – a non-traditional family, at that – is dynamic, and they wield an equally dynamic slew of instruments. Their thoughtful songwriting is supported by a diverse backdrop of sound. And the musical canvas is covered with broad brushstrokes – ranging from clanging tambourines and guitars, booming percussion, intelligent string arrangements, and triumphant horns. These six bandmates – siblings, if you will – swap their musical tools without a second thought, creating an emotive, adventurous, and energetic environment onstage.
    In late 2007, founding members Kelsey Kopecky and Gabriel Simon became united with four friends who shared a mutual vision. They planted seeds that have been nurtured for the past five years through persistent touring and recording – and those seeds are rapidly reaching maturity. With thousands of miles traveled, and surely thousands to come, the Kopecky Family Band is only just beginning their adventure – and they want to bring you along for the ride.

  • Travelling Mercies

    Travelling Mercies

    Traveling Mercies. It’s a term often heard in prayers meaning “Lord, please give us safe travels.” Life takes us on many travels–physically, emotionally, and spiritually–and music may just carry us through those travels safely by being our inspiration. That’s what Traveling Mercies, and their music, strives to be.

    Childhood friends Luke Weber and Dylan Lara share a unique love for music that has always kept them close. In the summer of 2010, after many years of playing drums and bass respectively, they decided to act on their love for music by forming a band. With the recruitment of Luke’s brother Joel to play guitar and close friend Andrew Bingham to provide lead vocals, Traveling Mercies was born. Immediately as the songwriting process began, each member’s individual influences and tastes in music started to mix together to create a truly special sound. Andrew’s love for alternative Christian acts such as Switchfoot and Anberlin shows predominately through his lyrics, while Luke’s affinity for heavier music in the vein of early Thrice has translated over to his drumming style. What most effectively categorizes the band’s genre is left up for the listener to decide, as the eclectic range of influences and personal approach to music that each member possesses have culminated into a Traveling Mercies’ style that is all its own.

    In May of 2011, Traveling Mercies independently released their debut album, Nightmares EP, after recording with good friend Josh Lovelace, current touring keyboardist for the band Needtobreathe.

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