Violenteer, Las Cruxes
Thu Oct 05
Doors: 7:00 PM /  Show: 8:00 PM

All Ages*
Front Room

$15 ADV / $20 DOS

Doors at 7:00pm
Front Room
$15 Advance/$20 Day of Show

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About Djunah
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Chicago-based Djunah spotlights the talents of Donna Diane, who pulls triple duty, simultaneously playing guitar, singing, and pulverizing a Moog bass organ with her foot — a feat some have described as “mind-blowing.” Drawing a broad range of comparisons from Diamanda Galás to Melvins, Djunah (pronounced “JUNE-uh”) pairs her powerful, unrestrained vocals and abrasive guitar with punishing drums courtesy of drummer Jared Karns (Their/They’re/There, Hidden Hospitals).

Known for their massive, intense live sound, Djunah is fueled as much by big emotions as it is by love of gear. Diane, who has been featured on Premiere Guitar’s Rig Rundown, is a self-described gearhead who learned to build footswitches to make simultaneously playing both instruments possible. Shortly before the pandemic started, she launched a YouTube series called “Can I Touch Your Gear?” to help represent women’s voices in the gear space.

CVLT Nation called Djunah’s first album, “Ex Voto” (2019), “an angular noise rock escalator run on power and beauty … a record that should be heard by all music lovers, no matter what scene you are a part of.” New Noise called it “an instant classic, like we’ve got a new Melvins on our hands.” Everything Is Noise raved, “Seismic guitar … 100% pure emotion … You gotta see it to believe it.”

Djunah’s newest album, “Femina Furens,” fuses influences from formal poetry and heavy music to tell the story of diagnosis and continuing recovery from complex post-traumatic stress disorder, or C-PTSD. Animals, chariots/sleighs, and mythological figures appear prominently on the album as a way of exploring themes of emotional regulation, power, and control — some of the core features of trauma disorders. The album’s title comes from the Latin for a “raging” or “furious” woman.

About Violenteer
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Dual bass outfit Violenteer is a band that defies easy categorization, creating an innovative brand of post-rock that explores themes, textures, and sounds both familiar and totally unique. Drawing on elements of rock, post-punk, doom, industrial, and experimental noise, the music Violenteer creates is both groundbreaking and memorable, creating a singular sound that is wholly their own.

Hailing from the fertile musical heartland of Omaha, Nebraska, informed by numerous local projects, recordings, and national tours, and by time spent jamming in the Portland music scene, band founder Randy Cotton joined with his brother and long-time creative collaborator Barry Cotton (Members of the Press) and drummer Eric Ebers (Ritual Device, Ravine, Minne Lussa) to create Violenteer during the summer of 2021.  Since that time, the band has played several live shows, sharing the stage with the likes of Live Skull, Mudhoney, Unsane, Elephant Rifle, FACS, and Season To Risk, among others.  As Violenteer now approaches the finishing touches on their first full-length album, the current lineup consists of the brothers Cotton, veteran drummer Corey Thumann (Rasputin, Towering Rogue, Aircraft Grade), and Steve Tulipana (Season To Risk) on vocals and audio gadgetry.

Violenteer continues to push boundaries and confound labels, positing an innovative musical take on this often dark, violent, confusing, and sometimes beautiful world.  Each song reflects this thoughtful outlook, conjured up as a collage of guitar or synth-like melodic flavorings that are at times brash, at others a soothing melancholy or a sonic interim between.  All the while, the dual-bass and drum grooves support Tulipana’s soaring, searching, and sometimes eerie vocal expressionistic sketches.  Recently recorded songs from the band’s debut album, such as “Up the Flood,” “Stowaway,” and “Mednap,” reflect this haunting dynamic, as Tulipana overlays the melodic gloom with a lyrical snarl that reflects the creators’ existential exploration of the complex and fatalist reality in which we sometimes find ourselves.

Violenteer songs possess a musicality and compositional maturity that is undeniable, and the songs act almost as musical movements, fueled by a relentless drive at times, while other times acting as thoughtful examination of space and timing.  Yet, this is not gentle music.  This is not a placid sound.  This is moody post-rock, humming, buzzing, and throbbing with vital energy and a howl into the ether.  It is powerful, arresting, and darkly beautiful, swirling above the foundational thrum. This is the sound, the ethos, of Violenteer.

About Las Cruxes
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Las Cruxes, es una banda colectiva de Post-Sunflower-Punk-Psychedelic pop liderada por Eduardo “Yayo” Trujillo, quien lleva varios años en la escena estadounidense/mexicana tras haber tocado en bandas como Pastilla (Sony/BMG) Howler (Rough Trade), y Wellness . Inicia su carrera independiente como solista en Septiembre decide formar una banda con un sonido crudo ruidoso sin reglas. En Marzo 2017 el sello independiente de Miami AFONICO los firma y saca su primer EP “Casa” distribuido por Sony US Latin. Al mismo tiempo la disquera de Monterrey CINTAS saca el EP en formato cassette. En Nov. 2017 salen los dos sencillos del nuevo disco. “Lejos” y “Bleach” por AFONICO/SONY US LATIN y el LP en formato cassette por la disquera CINTAS “ILUSIONES, DEPRESIONES”