Romance USA & Canada Tour

Fontaines D.C.

Been Stellar
Sat Oct 05
Doors: 7:00 PM /  Show: 8:00 PM

All Ages*
Main Room

$30 ADV / $35 DOS

Presale begins 5/8 at 10am. General onsale with Reserved Sections begins 5/10 at 10am.

Doors at 7:00pm
Main Room
$30 Advance/$35 Day of Show
$40 Balcony Reserved
$45 Pitside East Reserved/Pitside West Reserved

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“Into the darkness again,” beckons Grian Chatten on Fontaines D.C.’s ‘Romance’. A menacing bassline swells into a sublime orchestral boom; a repeated lyrical refrain defines this album’s central question, a loitering provocation and proclamation: “maybe romance is a place”.

“‘Romance’ can be a place you’re locked out of, that you’re confounded by,” explains Chatten. “Maybe you don’t have the language to gain access. It could be something you’re hellbent on protecting, or an all-out surrender.” Chatten recalls Katsuhiro Ôtomo’s anime Akira, where the embers of love develop despite a maelstrom of technological degradation and political corruption around its characters. “I’m fascinated by that – falling in love at the end of the world,” he says. “The album is about protecting that tiny flame. The bigger armageddon looms, the more precious it becomes.” This concept transfigures in Fontaines D.C.’s fourth album “ROMANCE,” the Dublin-made, now London-based band’s most ambitious, expansive record yet.

“This record is about deciding what’s fantasy – the tangible world, or where you go in your mind. What represents reality more? That feels almost spiritual for us,” says Carlos O’Connell.

“We’ve always had this sense of idealism and romance,” says Conor Deegan (Deego). “Each album gets further away from observing that through the lens of Ireland, as directly as Dogrel.” The second album (A Hero’s Death) is about that detachment, and the third (Skinty Fia) is about Irishness dislocated in the diaspora. Now we look to where –and what – else there is to be romantic about.”

11 tracks constellate ideas that have been percolating among Grian Chatten (vocals), Carlos O’Connell (guitar), Conor Curley (guitar), Conor Deegan (bass), and Tom Coll (drums) since they brought out their No.1 record “Skinty Fiain 2022 and toured with Arctic Monkeys. Backstage, they shared music and found a through line with artists that deftly build out their own sprawling creative worlds: the attitude and aesthetic sheen of Shygirl and Sega Bodega, the bolshy sonic palettes of hip hop and heavy metal, Mos Def, A$AP Ferg, OutKast and Korn. They had time apart to build more singular visions for what future music could be: O’Connell went to Spain’s Castile-La Mancha and later became a new father, while Chatten spent time in LA, and Deegan in Paris. They laid deeper roots in London. Each member spent time pushing their boundaries – experimental riffs, chord progressions,and far flung lyrical references without intentions for a record.

A Maida Vale session in March 2022 set the first bones of “ROMANCE.” Hanging out in the hallway, Chatten and O’Connell found a rough melody for the album’s now final track, ‘Favourite’, and recorded it on a phone. “It felt like something new, even if the song actually became a bit of an outlier,” says Chatten. They texted early ideas for a record – something cinematic, grandiose, futuristic. “I called him when walking along the Thames just to say, ‘it’s happening again, isn’t it?’. The soil turned over. I was spinning in between the worlds of euphoria and sadness. That’s where this record was forming.”

Fontaines D.C. makes formidable, critically-lauded moves with each new record, yet no member likes defining when exactly they’re making the next album. “I don’t understand how artists enter ‘writing periods’,” says Chatten. “If you perceive the world creatively, you’ll never need that. I don’t feel like I’m ever not writing the next album.” Songwriting was instinctual and reactive. Many of the original lyrics endured. Chattenwrote 12 verses for ‘Favourite’ – he asked his bandmates to edit it down, however reluctantly.

It was “an intensive return to Fontaines D.C. at its fullest,” O’Connell says. They spent a month writing together again, three weeks of pre-production in a North London studio, and a month in a chateau close to Paris, sleeping among studio equipment, completely immersed.

“Everything became microscopic in detail,” says Conor Curley. “There was no breathing space between writing and recording. It flew quite close to the band having an aneurysm – and it needed that, really. ROMANCE has the true madness of a late night session.”

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