All Ages

The updated City Ordinance for Music Venues went into effect on April 30, 2008. The following policies for admission now apply.

  • Unless noted otherwise, nights when a musical performance occurs at Slowdown are open to persons of all ages.
  • Any person, regardless of age, must present a valid photo ID for admission. Anyone under the age of 21 must follow the City Ordinance below.
  • For those 18, 19, or 20 years old, a valid drivers license, state ID or passport must be shown for admission.

For those 17 and under, a valid Music Venue Parental Consent form must be on file at Slowdown. The form can be downloaded here or you can pick up a copy at Slowdown. Note the form has options for admission to any live performance until the person turns 18, or consent may be given for one show only. Either way, the form must be on file at Slowdown, signed by the parent/legal guardian, and notarized. Forms may be filed during regular business hours, mailed to Slowdown, or presented at the door at the time of admission. Following admissions will only be granted if the form is on file with the “any live performance” option and the person presents a valid ID. Anyone under the age of 18 can be admitted without a form provided their parent or legal guardian attends the performance, and remains with the minor for the duration of the performance.

Slowdown does not have a notary on staff. Many places in town will notarize documents for a small fee. You may also want to check with your bank as they often notarize documents for free.

For anyone under 21, admission cannot be granted until one hour before show time and they must leave following the performance.

A full copy of the city ordinance may be downloaded here.

Please email or call us with any questions you may have. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.