What are your hours?

See the events tab for the full schedule. We typically open 1 hour prior to each event, and stay open until the last one is out or 2am. Note that our box office also follows these hours.

Do you have a box office?

Yes. Tickets for future shows are available at our box office during any other show. For a full schedule, see the “Doors” time on any show on the events page. There are no fees on cash purchases at the box office.

What can I bring?

The best answer is “as little as possible.” Try to bring only what you will need for the next few hours of your life…your ticket, some money, a phone. We do not have a “clear bag” policy, but anything larger than 5″ x 6″ is not allowed. Be aware that all bags are subject to search and that said searches slow down entry for everyone. We do not have a bag check or coat check. We also do not allow weapons of any kind, regardless of whether or not you have a permit to carry them.

How do I get to Slowdown and where do I park?

Slowdown is just north of the Old Market in the North Downtown area of Omaha. It’s a quick drive from anywhere in the city with easy interstate access from all around. For exact directions, see the Locate tab on the site. Also see the Locate tab for parking info. There is plenty of parking around Slowdown. Don’t let it scare you! If you are under 21, be sure to check out our all ages policy before you come down for a show! Unless listed otherwise, all shows are all ages.

What goes on at Slowdown?

Mostly rock shows and concerts, but we do all sorts of things. Weddings, holiday parties, community events, you name it. If you are interested in holding an event at Slowdown, please reach out via the Booking tab above.

Do you have shows every night?

We aim to have shows 3-4 nights per week, though sometimes we have 2 and sometimes we have 6. On nights when we do not have a show or private event, Slowdown is closed. See the events tab above for the full schedule.

Who can go to shows?

Shows are open to all ages unless noted otherwise. Be sure to check out the All Ages Policy before coming to a show. Note that everyone who enters Slowdown must have an ID.

What’s an ID?

An ID is an unaltered, unexpired, government issued document with your picture on it. It could be a drivers license, state ID, or passport. You must have one of these ID’s whether you are 17, 47, or 97. We are serious about this and reserve the right to refuse admission if you do not have one. And yes, it’s a complete bummer if you lost yours, but frankly that is your problem and not ours.

What time do shows start and end?

Shows typically start around 8pm or 9pm and we try to have them done by midnight. If you are ever curious on an approximate end time for the show, just give us a call after 5pm on the day of the event.

Does Slowdown have seats?

We have some tables and chairs, available on a first come, first served basis. The area in front of the stage is typically left open for standing, dancing or bobbing your head. Most shows are general admission, though we do have Reserved Sections for select Main Room shows.

Is there always a cover charge?

There is almost always a cover charge that is used to pay the bands. Price is always listed on the events page.

How can I buy advance tickets for shows?

Each show on the events page has a link to buy tickets online. Tickets with no service charges are available at our box office during regular business hours…that’s right, no service charges! Just know that to get tickets at the venue you need to come down when we are open (see the hours question above) and have cash.

What does sold out mean?

Advance tickets are always a good idea…if you see a show you want to check out, pick up a ticket right away! Sold out means that we have sold all available tickets for the show. We do not “release” extra tickets on the day of the show or at the door. Once tickets are gone, Slowdown is considered full and you unfortunately have to look forward to the next show, or try a secondary market option (which can be pricey at best, fraudulent at worst).

What forms of payment do you accept?

Tickets at the box office are cash only. Don’t worry, we have an ATM. Drinks from the bar and Slowdown merch items inside may be paid for with cash or credit/debit card. Bands selling their own merchandise typically only accept cash.

What if I left my credit card at the bar last night?

It’s almost certainly still here and you can pick it up during normal business hours (see the note on our hours above). There are exactly two things we will do with a credit card left here: you can pick it up by showing us your ID, or we can shred your card. We cannot give your card to a friend or mail it to you. Cards left here longer than two weeks will be shredded.

I have a band and we want to play a show at Slowdown. What do I do?

Check out the booking page for more info.

Is Slowdown available for private events?

Yes. Weddings, holiday parties, and community events take place here all the time. Check out the booking page for more info.

Are you hiring?

Quite possibly. Check out jobs page for more info on current openings.

What does Slowdown mean?

One of the early bands on Lumberjack Records (Saddle Creek before it was Saddle Creek) was Slowdown Virginia. We liked them a lot. They went on to become Cursive. We like them a lot, too. Slowdown Virginia was often shortened to Slowdown as a sort of nickname for the band. We thought it was a cool homage to that band, the early Omaha music scene and where we come from. Additionally, we liked the dual meaning of the word, and the more literal definition.

What are your current COVID-19 related polices?

See the Covid-19 section for general policies and an FAQ. Further, be sure to check the event page for the show you are going to when you buy your ticket AND before you head to the show. It’s possible the entry policy has changed between the time the show was announced and the day of. Note that we do not currently have any Vax Card or Test required shows. 

Have a question that was not answered above?

Just drop us an email using the contact form below. Thanks!

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