Special Events
Slowdown is available for rental for pretty much any type of event you can imagine. We have hosted weddingswedding receptions, dinners, theatre, company meetings, and beyond. The club can be configured in different ways to host events of any size. For more information and pricing, contact us via the email form or phone number below. For more info on rentals and events during the CWS, also check out our Baseball Page.

Show Booking Procedure
1. We have a local and regional in-house booking department. Please see below for submission procedures. Our national in-house booking is handled by Knitting Factory Presents. We also work with several local and regional production companies.

2. For local or regional bookings, please get in touch with us via the form below. We need to hear some of your music, so send a direct link to your most recent tunes. You can also drop off a package with a CD/vinyl/cassette at the venue, or mail to:

729 North 14th Street
Omaha, NE 68102

3. However you choose to get us your music, be sure to include pertinent information about your band – contact name/number, where you have played, show/date you are looking to play at Slowdown, how many people you expect to bring out, and whatever else you think we should know.

4. Please contact us via email using the form below,, or telephone only. We do not use Facebook for show booking.

5. Give us some time to listen to your music. We get many submissions every week, and we do listen to them all, but it takes a while.

For more information, call us at (402) 345-7569 or send us an email.

Contact Slowdown