Slowdown is not currently hiring.

To fill out an application for us to keep on file, see below for our general job descriptions and the application process.

Slowdown – General Staff

The following general staff positions are available now:

Bartender – Serving drinks in a high volume, fast paced environment. Previous experience is required.

Door – Getting customers into the venue! This could involve checking IDs, tickets, and some cash handling. No previous experience required, but a plus.

Floor – General customer service needs, from answering questions to cleaning up that spill in the corner. These are typically teams of 2-8 people depending on the night. No previous experience required.

Shifts are typically at night, ending between 12am and 2am depending on the event.

Interested candidates should email us at or stop by during business hours to fill out an application:
729 North 14th Street
Omaha, NE 68102