Note that we do not currently have any Vax Card or Test required shows. 

The following lists our current Covid-19 related policies and guidelines for attending a show. These are are the basic and minimum venue policies. Note that certain artists and tours may have additional requirements noted on the site and ticketing pages. See below for a list of FAQ’s for shows that require vaccine cards or tests for entry. Please check back before you head to venue as show specific policies may have changed since you purchased a ticket.

Be sure to be prepared when you arrive at the venue:
• If you are vaccinated, a mask is not required (but still a good idea!).
• Abide by the markings on the pavement when waiting in line for entry.
• Have your ticket and ID ready
• Bags or purses larger than 5″x6″ are not allowed
• Re-entry is not permitted

Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the venue. Staff members will be accessible if sanitizing products need to be located or replenished.

Please refrain from entering Slowdown if you or anyone in your party are experiencing the following symptoms:
• Cough
• Fever
• Shortness of breath
• Other symptom of Covid related illness per CDC Guidelines

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Thank you for your continued support, and in advance for your cooperation as we get back to it.

Covid-19 Entry Related FAQ

How do I know if a vaccination card or negative test is required to enter a show?

Shows that require a card or test to enter will be listed as “All Ages* – Vax Card or Test Required” on our events page. Note that we do not currently have any Card or Test required shows. 

Show specific policies will always be listed on the full events pages, the ticketing page, and our Facebook event pages.

For shows that require, do I need the actual vaccination card?

Either the card or a digital image of the card is fine. Be sure to bring your photo ID that matches your name on the card.

What if I lost my vaccination card?

The health department of the county you were vaccinated in should be able to query their database and then issue you a new vaccine card. For the Douglas County Health Department, call 402.444.3400 or fill out this form to request a new card.

What if I am unable to be vaccinated and the show requires a test? 

A negative test taken within 48 hours of the show is required. Proof of the negative test result can be in printed or digital form. Be sure to bring your photo ID that matches your name on the test.

Can this test be a self-administered or “at home” test?

No. The test must be done at a clinic or pharmacy. For a list of free testing locations in the Omaha area, visit the DCHD page and click on Covid-19 Testing Locations.